Ladybug Plants

It all started at a party…

The owner, Deborah Henderson, was attending Crafton Hills College taking horticulture classes with an interest in finding out everything there is to learn about caring for house plants. The instructors left for a Hawaii Trade show and teachers’ conference leaving Deborah in charge of the greenhouse, shade house, and grounds for the entire summer. At the same time, she was working at Law’s Coffee Shop in Oak Glen as a waitress and she designed and installed a planting to enhance the atmosphere. Referrals for other businesses came as a result of her work there. By 1987 she was able to do interior plants on a full time basis, with over 20 accounts.

As a child, Deborah had a fascination for ladybugs and could often be found with her hand clinched and when her fingers were opened, out came a ladybug or two. When she found out ladybugs were good for plants, the connection was a winner and the business was named Ladybug Plants.
The business originally started out as a company that held “plant parties” in homes, a lot like Tupperware parties, only with plants.

Ladybug Plants currently services over 35 accounts like hospitals, hotels, Universities, malls, commercial buildings, offices, and residences. Customer satisfaction has always been a high priority and that is evident by the fact that five of our accounts have had our services for over 10 years.
Ladybug Plants has a policy of servicing accounts that are within a 45 mile radius and that has kept us focused on local business, which keeps us in close contact with our customer base.

We are grateful to customers, suppliers, employees, family and friends who have made growing Ladybug Plants an enriching experience.
Deborah is also an accomplished public speaker, has managed Yucaipa’s annual Iris Festival and Flower Shows, and has written business articles for the area newspaper.

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